For some strange reason I struggled to come up with a post today.  Being December 1st, I love the idea of talking about prepping for my favorite holiday of the year but sadly I am WAY behind on doing anything productive for the holidays. No holiday shopping, no decorations, it’s a big job to do and this year I am WAY behind.

Of course, Adam and I have big plans to do some major prep work over the next week and the weekend.  But today, I am still holding on to my love of fall and haven’t taken the leap into Christmas yet.  I was looking through a few old photos in hopes of getting some inspiration and I found these photos taken in Gallipoli Italy of a gloomy fall day with the most incredible hits of sunshine.


These photos truly represent the calm before the storm. Later that evening we were hit with a severe weather pattern and we watched the rain from our balcony while sipping wine and eating some of the best cheese of our live. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe December 1st than just that….the calm before the storm of holiday craziness.

Here’s to the last bits of fall!





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