Travel Tuesday – Must Love Travel

My job dictates that I must love travel and in truth, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.  Adam and I both have travel schedules and it is tough arranging for life when you are on the road.  I used to not understand, the complaints of the business traveler, I used to not understand the demand on your time and how it truly affects your life.  I hate the idea of crummy weather messing with your flights, not being able to get a taxi and sleeping in a hotel room for the 5th night in a row.

Adam started travelling for business about 5 years before I did and I think that he is probably the most calm business traveler that I have ever met.  Cancellations, extra long meetings making him miss flights and being late for just about everything seem not to affect him.  In fact, people even find it charming and endearing.  His ability to look totally calm when the car rental place is completely out of cars even though he specifically ordered one, is holding a confirmation in his hand and the customer service attendant is being snotty about it leaves me in complete awe.  He jumps directly into problem solving mode and somehow is able to skip over the sheer panic of the possibility that he may miss a meeting that his company paid thousands of dollars for him to be at and calm starts dialing other companies and politely asking for his money back.

I sadly, am not that calm.  In fact, I am usually a bit anxious.  Here are my travel tips for reducing that travel anxiety – just a little and hopefully finding some calm during the process

  1. Pack a Snack- Nothing is worse than being stuck somewhere and being starving!  Keep a Kind Bar or 2 on hand and I promise that you won’t regret it
  2. Keep all Travel Details Accessible by Phone – I like to have all of my travel details under and “Event” on my outlook calendar.  Flight, hotel, car rental and meeting site should all be at the touch of a button and all in the same place.  Having to look up this stuff in your e-mail on the fly is always frustrating – make it easy on yourself and have a system.
  3. Keep Paper Copies in your Carry On –  my phone is the WORST and dies A LOT.  I like to have a paper copy of important details at the bottom of my carry on for when my phone dies AGAIN!
  4.  Pack a Phone and IPAD Charger In your Carry On – you can always charge a phone or IPAD in the waiting area of the airport. At some point, we all end up sitting in the waiting area in hopes that our flight will start boarding soon!  Be smart and use this time and charge your phone.
  5. Spring for the GPS – nothing is worse that having a long trip to drive and your phone died and you have no idea where you are going.  Most car companies will either have a GPS in the car already or you can pay a small fee for GPS. Do it!  you will not regret it!
  6.  Pack Important Documents and your Makeup Bag in YOUR CARRY-ON:  Learn from my mistake,  if you have sensitive skin like me and prefer to use your own products make sure you carry them on the plane.  You never know if your luggage is going to get lost so make sure that you personal MUST HAVES are in your carry on.  If you are without luggage for a day, you can always get away with wearing the same clothes (gross and not ideal, I agree) but at least you will be able to shower, add a little perfume and have the documents you need for the meeting you are in town for if you aren’t able to get access to your luggage or don’t have time for a quick clothing shop.
  7. Leave Yourself LOTS of Time – know yourself and your travel routine.  I am often unlucky and have flight delays due to weather, mechanical issues etc.  Since I know  that this always happens to me I give myself extra time.  I fly in the evening before a big morning meeting or leave early in the morning for an evening meeting.  Make sure you have time to drop off your bags, check-in to a hotel and make that meeting! Anticipate delays and be happy when everything runs smoothly!





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