The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love décor, I love holidays and I love Christmas.  Today I am sharing a few ways to look like you spent a lot of time decorating a polished home in just a few short minutes.  Absolutely, no crafting skills required!

PicMonkey Collage123

  1. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat – have extra Christmas bulbs for the tree? No problem! Place loads of them in as many containers in different shapes and sizes.  Scatter these containers around the house and you instantly have added holiday cheer – No crafting required!
  2. Pick a color palate and stick with it – Choosing a traditional color palate of reds, silvers, gold’s, white Christmas lights and evergreens will make your home look classic year after year.  To save money don’t buy into every décor trend.  Christmas always looks good in red, white and green, just like you always look great in a black dress and pearls.  Make classic choices and your décor will always feel right.
  3. Got some tangled Lights? Place them all loose in a bucket and plug it in and your done! Looks beautiful under the tree and needs no skill to make it looks like a totally original idea.
  4. Place gifts for each person in a bucket or basket under the tree.  This makes for easy Christmas morning giving! It also glams up your simply wrapped Christmas gifts and make it look like you took extra care!
  5. Add Bows on Everything – Place bows all around the room in your color palate – this will instantly dress up a basic jar, candle holder, even a lamp for the holidays. Tip:  Buy ribbon that has wire sides, you can mold the ribbon in any way and it will last for many years to come.
  6. Add Greenery and lights to EVERYTHING – You can add greenery to any table and lights to any already existing display.  Check out our bar from last year. We took some greenery from our local super market and a string our two of Christmas lights and added it to our exiting bar!  Instant holiday style, with no glue, scissors or sewing

IMG_00000475 (2)



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