Holiday Entertaining


Doesn’t look like my house does it?  Well you are right, these are the photos from the home we used to rent before we bought our current house. Although, it is in fact not Thursday, I thought that it might be nice to share a few photos from the first Christmas party I ever threw.  These photos were taken 3 years ago and I hope to share some insights on how to start a holiday event collection with out completely breaking the bank!


The first year I decorated for Christmas was probably the most I had ever spent on Christmas decorations in my life.  I had set up a tree in previous homes but that was about it.  Our ceilings were high in this home so we bought our first real tree and I think it was over 10 foot tall.  The number of Christmas lights that we had on hand was almost non-existent so we had to use them sparingly (mostly the tree got them all.  And I used tea lights to warm up other areas of the house


Tip:  We did by enough lights to cover our huge tree and a few small areas all over our house before Christmas but it wasn’t until AFTER Christmas that I really stocked up.  Adam and I found a great deal while shopping in the US and I think I bought about 50 strands on indoor mini lights. Each stand was only $2.00 after Christmas and I don’t think that we will need to buy more lights for a very long time.  We bought all in white, so it will always look classic.  We now use these not only at Christmas but year round at other events.

IMG00247-20121125-2104 IMG00276-20121208-1940

We didn’t have a fire-place in this particular home so we put our stockings on the banister. Bought at the grocery store!  I used tea lights and evergreens to make small typically ignored corners feel like they were considered.

IMG00265-20121208-1936 IMG00279-20121208-1941

We decorated our back window with ribbon (from the dollar store) and leftover unused bulbs from the tree (also from the grocery store – All PLASTIC AND INEXPENSIVE – WE HAVE A WILD DOG!!!) and we made Holiday inspired drinks to add some color.  Candy Canes (and other holiday colored candy) mixed with red and white flowers were scattered all over the room for hits of classic Red and white and green combo.


I even included some of my antique lanterns as part of the décor.  Keep in mind what sort of items you already have around your home that may fit in with you theme.  Move that beautiful red item off your shelf and give it a place that it will be noticed!


In this particular year we had decided to do a sweets table (for the first time) and we personally baked everything.  I originally found all the recipes on Pinterest.  Check out Photos of some awesome snacks! Also Check out My Printerest board for other great ideas that I have collected over the years!




Frosted Oreos Recipe Found Here

Marshmallow Pop Idea Found Here

Peanut butter Snowballs Found Here





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