Travel Tuesdays – SNOWED IN

Although, I am crazy for travel sometimes staying at home can be even more appealing than adding another travel destination to your already crazy schedule.  Last winter, the day that Adam and I were scheduled to drive home for the holidays and begin our annual parade of turkey dinners and holiday parties we got SNOWED IN!

The ice storm was rather bad and we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us.  The news announced that it was not safe to drive and both sets of parents called to beg us to leave a little later this year after the storm had passed.

To this day, that was the best holiday day that Adam and I could have had.  All the shopping was done, decorating was complete,  wrapping DONE and we had no where that we absolutely had to be that day.


What did we do?

We drank hot chocolate, we watched our favorite Christmas movies, we stayed in pajamas.  We exchange gifts.  It was the first day that we really got to spend creating our own family holiday traditions.  Lets be honest, watching holiday movies and drinking hot coco isn’t exactly original, but it is something that we did get to do,  just the two of us,  for the first time.

This year, we hope to get snowed in again – or at least create a day in which we can fake snow ourselves in.

Today, I will be wishing for snow!


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