Oh Christmas Tree

My family has always had a real tree.  There is nothing that says Christmas to me more than that fresh pine sent filling the living room.  I crave this sent so much that when Adam refused to put a real tree in our car and drive it home for fear of scratching the shiny exterior, I somehow found myself agreeing to walking a 9 foot tall tree home.


People stopped us in the street (we live in a busy neighborhood near the downtown core) and it was a busy Saturday afternoon in the Market after all.  People honked their horns, laughed at the two of us struggling after two blocks to carry the tree home, children waved and smiled.  The normal 10 minute walk took us about 30 minutes given that we had to take a number of breaks!


In truth, it was worth it.  We made a lot of people smile and that’s what Christmas is all about! This Christmas I never had to work harder for our tree my entire life.  In addition to the lengthy walk home we also had an epic struggle with the lights.  In fact, it took 2 full days to get this puppy up.  But it is finally up and sparkling.  Now, my home has the fresh scent of Christmas.




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