Happy New Year!

After a very long break I am excited to start the new year off right. We rang in the new year in a very small way this year. We enjoyed some great company and some great wine and in truth we didn’t even make it until midnight.

Adam and I were thrilled to be at home for the first night in a few weeks. We vacationed in St. Lucia before Christmas and then spent some time visiting friends and family over the holidays. Whisky was thrilled to be home and has made it her mission to snuggle us as much as possible since we have been back.

Instead of our usual January 1st movie marathon, this year we were invited to a friends wedding and spent the evening toasting to the happy couple. It was a great evening filled with joy and excitement and a welcome break from the usual. Every once and awhile it is nice to break from tradition.

Like September, January 1st always feels like a time of reflection and renewal. Like everyone else, I have been thinking about some resolutions and of course I have even started writing lists.

Looking to get organized this new year? Check out some of my older posts that may help.

Taking Stalk </

The Big Back to School Check List



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