Since returning from the holidays I have found it challenging to get motivated to get back into the swing of things and get motivated not only to get things done around the house, get back to the gym and just get things done in general.    The weather has been so cold here in Ottawa that my instinct is just to cuddle up with a blanket and hibernate until it gets just a little warmer.  Today I am sharing a few ways to get motivated and get back into the swing of things.

Get Outside!

I often find it challenging to force myself to get outside when the cold literally hurts my face but I promise that it is worth it.  Even just a couple of minutes outside in the sun always puts a little extra bounce in my step.  A quick walk around the block in the freezing cold always wakes me right up.

Clean Your Desk!

A messy office often makes me feel overwhelmed with nowhere to start.  Take 10 minutes and organize that desk!  Clean your key board, phone and mouse and have a 1 touch rule with paper.  Touch a piece of paper once and make sure that it finds its home in the file cabinet or the trash.  Once I am in a clean environment, I always feel much more motivated to tackle larger projects.

Make Your Bed!

The last thing any of us really wants to do while you are in a rush in the morning is to make your bed.  But completing this small step in the morning always seems to generate better house cleaning results in the afternoon.

Change your Light Bulbs

This is almost always Adams job but I find that I often let a few bulbs burn out both at the office and at home before I bother to go through the process of changing them.  I recently relented and called the super at my office to come in and change them and the difference is literally night and day. The bright light seems to make me a little more productive and allow me to keep my attention for longer periods of time.

Book a Trip

I read an article many years ago that said that one of largest benefits (in terms of feeling rested) from a vacation is actually the anticipation of the trip and not the trip its self.  By allowing your self to plan and get excited about a tri, you actually are prepping your body to feel more relaxed while on vacation.  For the first time Adam and I booked most of next years vacations well in advance and in truth I can’t stop thinking about them.  Our next trip isn’t until March and I have already googled places to eat and started making a list of things to see in anticipation of the trip.  Also knowing that I will have to sport a bikini in just a few short months is very motivating to get back to the gym.

Plan time with Friends – On a TUESDAY

I always remember to make plans on the weekend with friends but I almost always reserve week nights for work events and to spend time with Adam.  Switching things up every once in a while is great and always refreshing. The anticipation of a midweek girls night, always motivates me to get things done around the house before the ladies arrive

Hit the Gym

Forcing yourself to go will always help! Or if that’s too much work, call on a friend to force you to go.  I always find that I am more motivated to get things done around the house after I have had a little exercise.


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