90 Day Challenge Updated

I realized the other day that I haven’t posted a 90 day challenge update in a while.  Especially since we are now well past 90 days.  As a reminder, Adam and I challenged ourselves to make a number of healthier choices for 90 days to start creating better and healthier habits.

Exercise More

Adam and I are still following our routine and have consistently made an effort to hit the gym at least 4 times a week.  So in terms of raising our basic activity level the 90 day challenge has worked.  It certainly helped us start creating some basic good habits.

We started out by only spending a very short 20 minutes on a cardio machines just to get us back into the swing of things and then worked up to spending 40 minutes to 1 hour of cardio mixed with some light weight lifting.  I started with as little as 5 pound weights and am slowly working on doing more reps and lifting heavier weight.  Adam has taken a bit tougher of an approach and pushes himself physically and is of course getting great results.  I know myself well enough that if I push myself too hard I likely will get hurt early on and quit.  I am taking a bit more of a slow and steady approach while creating small achievable goals to reach, with my overall goal is to just continue to be active and slowly push myself to achieve more.

Eat Healthier

We also wanted to consistently make better choices when out for dinner for work.   As Adam noticed yesterday, the more time we spend at the gym, the more we inherently make better choices with our meals.  Our gym is located next to a Farm Boy (sort of like a Whole Foods) and we are able to get fresh ingredients on our way home from the gym and they have a great selection of pre-made healthy foods for when we are in a rush.  We have spent a lot of time at Farm boy and a lot less time reaching for take out because this is just as quick.  We have also noticed that we have reduced the number of times that we go out to eat choosing only to go to a restaurant with friends we really want to see or for work only.

Drink More Water

This was the simplest challenge to tackle and one that I think I actually need to spend more time refocusing on.  Although my water consumption has gone up at night-time, I still find myself reaching for coffee during the day more often than I should.

The largest challenge that I have made absolutely no headway on is my coffee addiction.  That Skinny Vanilla Latte is still calling my name every morning at 10:00 am.  I suspect with time I will slowly take this on SLOWLY but for the moment, I am happy with progress in other areas!

Sleep More

We also resolved to sleep more and let me tell you, I have had no problem with that.  By putting ourselves on a regular workout schedule this has been something that essentially resolved its self.

Photo Credit: Jay Mantri


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