Dog Stories That Break Your Heart!

My Facebook “Suggested Posts” section has been flooded with the saddest stories of dogs lately.  Literally, all these stories break my heart into a million pieces and I can be found sobbing in front of the computer screen every time I read one of these links.


Both Adam and I are dog lovers and honestly it seems like every few days my wallet is opening up to help with medical expenses for dogs whose story I just can’t get out of my head.  Adam and I are hyper aware that we are unable to help every dog and although we would love to adopt a million more  dogs, we understand that we live in the city and have limited space, funds, time etc.

Knowing that I personally won’t be able to fund each of these dogs recovery, I decided that I would start to look for opportunities to help out in some way.

I wanted to remind everyone about the options available to help that can range from a small one time donation, monthly donations, donating your old dogs leashes, toys, winter coats and boots, volunteering your time, foster, adopt, helping organize an event that will raise money.  Options are endless.


Check out the links below or search online for opportunities in your area. If you are unable to foster or adopt YOU CAN STILL HELP!!!


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