This FitBit Business?

So I did it.  Adam and I both have succumbed to the FitBit craze.  I am now on day three.  I know, I am so new to this that my opinion may not be on point but here has been my experience so far….

Day One:

I walked my dog way longer than I normally do (to get some extra steps in) so I was happy and so was the dog. I did not have one drink of coffee (1st time in 2 years – in truth, I didn’t even notice until the end of the day that I hadn’t had any coffee).  I made better choices with food all throughout the day and was hyper aware  of how great I felt with no coffee and better food choices at the end of the day.  Made sure that I drank the recommended amount of water.  I did go over my calorie allotment for the day but not by much. Also it was day one – so really, I didn’t expect to hit everything they asked for on day one.  Overall pretty good experience.

Day Two:

I had 1/2 of a latte instead of an entire serving (once I had the latte, I didn’t really even want all of it – I don’t think I will go back for some tomorrow – I actually wasn’t that interested). I made better food choices at all meals today and reduced snacking considerably by hitting my daily water target.  They recommend hitting 10,000 steps each day.  I almost hit 10,000 steps by the time I went home from work because I forced my self to take walks when I needed a work break instead of snacks. (even more fortunate – I was able to swing into a store an pick up some of things on my “To Do” list while taking a quick break). I hit my calorie intake allotment today.  In fact I was under allotment and I didn’t feel like I was missing out or that I needed to eat more.  I was honestly comfortable all day.

BOOM.  This thing works!

Note:  My caffeine intake has been unreasonably high for the last few years and I was really starting to feel jittery and anxious for no reason.  2 days of fitbit and a significant amount of daily anxiety has been relieved.  If that is all this does than it has already won in my book!

Tell me about your FitBit story!


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