Where have I been?

I feel like it has been forever since I had a moment to sit down and write a post.  Where have I been you may ask…

Travelling of course!  The Ed Sheeran lyrics,

“But me and her we make money the same way,

2 plans, 4 cities, the same day”

have been ringing in my head every time I hop on a flight these days.  Between my and Adam’s travel the past couple of weeks have been a non stop cycle of travel and doing mounds of laundry.  Some how I always seem to wear twice as many clothing items while away than I do when I am at home.  How is that?

Now to the more important question, when will I be back in full blogging swing – Not next week…sorry!  More travel to come! But it looks like life settles down a bit in June, so I do think you will see a lot more updates starting then.

The good news is, I have accumulated a lot of photos for content for up coming posts that I can’t wait to share!

In the meantime, check out a few teasers below….


You guessed it….a stop in NYC!


In need of lots of coffee to keep up with this schedule!


A quick stop at a florist to keep my home looking fresh


I had to start walking to work to get my steps in.


So many toasts have already been made and more to come!

Here’s to all my friends with occasions to celebrate, more to come!!!


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