Ring Things

Adam and I got engaged a few months ago and for some reason we can’t really seem to make a decision on the direction that we would like to take for the wedding and our reception.  Our idea volleys from destination wedding, to small hometown wedding to a large reception where we live now, to elopement.

With no clear direction on “The Big Things” – Adam and I decided to tackle a few of the smaller things that we will need no matter the size of the wedding.  The fist step that was very easy to take was to get our wedding bands made.

We learned a few things on the way….

1. Ask a Lot of Questions:  I had wanted my wedding band to be made from the same metal as my great grandmothers wedding ring. After asking a lot of questions, we were told that the ring wouldn’t look the same and by the time they has finished making my wedding band most of the ring would be new metal anyways.  So I decided to make my great grandmothers ring a cocktail ring instead.  We inserted a black diamond as the main stone.  The ring keeps its shape and style and I still get to wear it whenever I want.

We haven’t gotten the rings back yet – Photos to go up at a later date!

2. Go With Your Gut: Adam had walked into the appointment thinking that he wanted a yellow gold ring.  After speaking to he jeweler and finding out that most men get white gold he decided to go with the flow and get what everyone else was getting.  1 hour after we left he immediately regretted the decision and called the jeweler back and went with his original choice.

3. Speak Up:  if you don’t like the style that the jeweler recommends – SAY SO!  They don’t have to wear it forever.  You do!

4.  Keep to Your Budget:  Know your spending limit before you go into to buy your wedding ring.  There are options at every price level.  Looking above your budget is a mistake! Only look at what you can afford.


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