Real Estate Dreaming

What have I been up to?

Work, checking out some new properties that we may be interested in, working on our rental unit, travel,  work some more, maybe find time for the gym,  sleep, REPEAT!

Since we are now in our late 20’s.  Ok let’s just say it….we are on the cusp of 30.  We are beginning to look at our space in a very different way.  More specifically, what would it be like if we added tiny people one day (not yet!!!!) but one day.  In truth, we aren’t sure that the place will be big enough in the coming years, should we wish to grow our family so we thought we better start considering what is it that we do want.

To get ahead of things, we started looking at what we might like in our next home although we haven’t decided to make a move YET or even soon, we thought it would be best to check out some neighborhoods and narrow down where we might like to go next, so that when we are ready to make a move, we will in fact know what we want and make sure that we have some cash saved to make a move when we are ready.

Tip: Do not get yourself too invested when you are looking at places a little early just to get ideas about what you want.  It may end up taking over your life very quickly! is addictive at best!


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