Back to Basics

Last week, a friend of mine and I were chatting about the very basic topic of lunch.  In truth, we were admiring our mothers. We both had mom’s with full-time jobs and while we were growing up they both took the time to make our (and our siblings) lunches EVERY DAY of our school career with little or no complaint.

Both my friend and I have very busy jobs and often find it challenging (ok, I never make the time) to make our lunches and were marveling in our Mother’s ability to make the time.

This inspired me last weekend to get back to basics.  I typically feel better when I am able to snack throughout the day as opposed to eating a big breakfast, a big lunch and a big dinner. Smaller meals keep me happier and less cranky throughout the day.

Last Sunday, I made a list of healthy snacks that I would like I wanted to bring for lunch and bought them all on Sunday afternoon.  While unpacking the groceries, I made little baggies separating each snack. It took about 15 minutes total to create enough healthily snacks for the week.

Here’s what I had….

  1. Grapes
  2. Strawberries
  3. carrots
  4. celery
  5. Kind Bars – I am pretty addicted to these!
  6. Cucumber
  7. Almonds
  8. yoghurt



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