Apple Hand Pies

A few weeks ago we packed up some lunch, a few friends and the dog in the car and headed to climb a mountain.  OK, a really big hill, but if felt like a mountain that day.  For real guys, it was hard! However, there is nothing more motivating to keep going than a group of friends walking along your side.  And knowing that once you have completed the trek, there will be pie!


FullSizeRender (3)

I had wanted to make some apple hand pies for a couple of months after seeing a recipe that looked really easy to make on cupcakes and cashmere. I finally took the time to get out the apple peeler to try it out.  Here is the recipe I tried.  Note:  I totally cheated and bought pie curst from the store.  I used 1/2 a pie curst per hand pie.  These made for some really large hand pies.  Next time I would make them smaller and use 1/4 a pie curst per hand pie.  I also added a little nut meg to the recipe upon recommendation from cupcakes and cashmere’s notes.



Extra filling?  No problem!  We put our extras in a jar and had it on top of ice cream!




A stop on the way up that steep hill!



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