10 Tips for the Hot Yoga Beginner!

A friend of mine is obsessed with hot yoga and took me to my first class a couple on months ago.  It was hard.  Everything looked really easy to do but in theory. It was not easy in real life.  There is a good reason so many hot yoga girls are in crazy good shape!  Hot yoga is a great workout and it is actually really relaxing. I have since taken a few more classes and am starting to really like it.  I am in NO WAY an expert and consider myself a beginner at best.  Here are some of my tips for Hot Yoga beginners like me!


  1. Bring a towel.  You will sweat. A lot!
  2. Bring Water and Drink it.  Keep drinking even if it means you miss a move! Its your first class, stay hydrated. Drink before class, drink after class. You will feel better.
  3. Yoga Mats are slippery. You may need that towel to keep your hands from slipping. Use it. It will help.
  4. Use the blocks they offer.  It’s your first day….don’t be a hero, now is the time to use the extra help.
  5. If you can’t do it or it hurts…..Stop and take a break.  No one expects you to do hand stands on day one.  Or even finish the class on day one. It’s hot in there and your body is not used to it.  Break when you need to.  If it hurts, don’t do it!
  6. If you think you are doing a move wrong…ask the teacher for help… yoga teachers are pretty zen and super helpful. Just ask.  They love to teach and to help. Ask after the class is finished. They will be able to give you some one on one instructions.
  7. Just try to do things even if they look hard.  Some of the moves are hard but you aren’t going to lean how to do them with out trying.  You will loose your balance.  Balance as long as you can but if you need to rebalance that is totally normal.  Get back up and try again.
  8. Bring a friend.  Its more fun.  I promise.
  9. Start off slowly and let your body get used to working those muscles and used to working in that kind of heat. Don’t start off by going to a class every single day and burning yourself out.  Try once a week for a while and work up to your goal of going more often.
  10. Enjoy the post yoga “High.”  You are going to feel awesome right after you get out of the heat.  Enjoy it!  You body will ache a bit the next day because you likely haven’t used some of those muscles for a while. Give them time to rest and recover.

Enjoy your first class!  It’s hard but it is worth it.


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