Taking a leap….

Life has been rather hectic these days and although I can’t say that things are settling down, I can say that we are settling in.  

Last fall we decided to chase a crazy dream and purchase our dream house.  We put our duplex up on the market. Sold it. Finally, we were ready to put an offer on the home we were dreaming about.  Unfortunately, someone else had the same dream.   We lost the house in a bidding war. Crushed, we started frantically looking at what I am convinced was every house for sale in our area and we finally settled on a house. 

It was not at all what we were dreaming about but now that we are here, I know that it is even better than what I was dreaming about.  Everything about the home is great, the yard, the pool, the size and space in the house is amazing!!  I love our the fire places, the amazing number of kitchen cabinets, my walkin closet….

The only problem…every room is completely stuck in the 80’s! We are talking about balloon drapes on all the windows and carpet on the bathtub kind of 80’s. It may not have been a dream the day we bought it but we are starting to settle in and are looking forward to creating a house that feels like us and feels like home.  


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