Keeping on budget

Our new home is a beast that literally eats furniture. Given its size and the sheer number of pieces that we have needed to pick up, keeping on budget has been a must. Here are some ways that we pinched some pennies and still filled the bulk of our home.

Paint Everything First: Paint has magic powers I swear. You can completely change the look and feel of a room with one weekends worth of work.

Although a larger renovation is coming down the line – a coat of paint transformed our kitchen from completely beige to light and airy – ok and a total mess in this photo but you get the idea

Add a Bold Light Fixture: stop buying these from Home Depot and start look on Kijiji. Not only will you save loads of money, you will also find some beautiful vintage pieces that no one else has.

The addition of a dainty chandelier elevates a very simple guest room to something extra special 

Curtains, Curtains, Curtains: a room doesn’t feel completed until these are up! You can get a great deal at Homesense.

The addition of curtins to this room ( evenbefore any furniture had been placed) made this room feel much more grand and inviting

Shop at Auctions: you can find some really great deals on things like mattresses at a liquidation auction, same with rugs and art.

Layer over time and with pieces you love. 

Estate Sales: are amazing. In truth, sometimes they are a dud. But sometimes you get 10 dining room chairs for $100.00. Tip: many estate sales run over the course of a couple of days. They are usually more than willing to give you a way better deal on the last day of the sale (but if there is a special item you are after, you may want to scoop it up on day one).

Our dining room chairs were found at an estate sale for just $100.00.  We cleaned them up with murphy’s oil and I love them just the way they are – warn, scratched and loved

Used Office Furniture stores: sound awful. But, give them a shot! We picked up a vintage office chair for $20.00 – the frame was amazing – fabric was gross. We had it recovered. It looks amazing. Used office furniture stores also tend to have things like side tables, sometimes harvest tables  and cool looking cabinets.

We had this chair recovred in leather but the lines of the chair and the base were beautiful as is. Just because something is covered in teal green now, doesn’t mean it can’t be beatiful with a little love. 

Garage Sales: I am not going to lie, you are going to look at a lot of garbage. But, you are very likely to find one or two unique items and you are going to get them for $5.00! Or the desk ( pictured above) for $50.00.  You just never know.

They key is to not be too picky about where you shop. You never know what gems you will find.


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