Adam’s Office Update

Adam’s office is feeling very West Wing these days.  Although the bulk of our home is painted with varying hues of white we decided to paint a couple rooms very dark and dramatic.  Adam’s room is pained a very deep Navy.  We had actually considered putting this colour in our powder room but at the last moment changed our minds and painted this room instead.  To save money, Adam and I are painting each room ourselves. Which is time consuming but it does allow us to use our money toward other things.

I picked up the Brass chandelier on Kijiji for about $25.00.  There were a few pieces missing so I took it to a local lighting store and they were about to immediately fix it up for me for under $15.00.  All of our fixtures were installed ourselves. Adam leaned how to do some basic electrical a few years ago and it really has helped us save a lot of money.  We would never tackle something more complex, but changing a light fixture is something that we feel comfortable doing on our own.

I removed all of the book covers to create a more “Classic library” look . Photo Credit: Joel and Justyna Bedford

Most of the decorations and furniture were actually left over from our last home.  We did purchase a second desk for this room, again from Kijiji. But pretty much everything else in this room we brought from our last home.  In Adam’s old office we had a collage wall of clocks, this time, we framed up a series of political memorabilia  that he has been hanging on to for a while and took the opportunity to showcase some fun finds that had been sitting in a drawer for ages.

Photo Credit: Joel and Justyna Bedford

We found these Lincoln book ends at a antique store in New Hampshire and the glass chess set is something that Adam has had since he was a kid.

Photo Credit: Joel and Justyna Bedford

The chair we picked up at an office supply store for $20.00.  We did have this piece recovered in real leather.  Recovering was expensive at about $1,000.00.  However, it would have been far less expensive had we used faux leather.  We felt that it was important to know where to save and where to spend.  Because Adam does actually work in his office we felt that it was more than fair to splurge on an item that was going to be used every single day.  It is also something that Adam had always wanted in his office. Since we really hadn’t spent much in here to begin with, this is our one splurge item for the room.


This room is constantly evolving as we progress through the renovations on the home but over all this office feel warm and cozy and just like Adam.


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