Why I always start decorating a room with paint

Some designers may start a room with fabrics ( and trust me, I don’t hate that idea at all, if I were able to get everything purchased and complete all at once, I likely would also do this).  However, because my rooms are built over time.  I usually begin with paint.  This is because I actually live in my home and I need to use and be in the space RIGHT NOW.


When we bought our home last year, aside from a few choice rooms, every room ( many ceilings included) was painted the same slightly pink beige.  There is nothing wrong with beige, but this particular colour choice made our home feel very dark and cave like. So, we painted almost all of our main spaces off white to brighten the space and give it a fresh and clean canvas to start with.


Colour can always be added via throw pillow, curtains, fabric on furniture, art etc. at a later time and a later date. You can always add punches of colour to smaller rooms, or to one wall, or add wallpaper.  Starting with the bulk of the rooms in your home fresh and clean lets you really see the space in a new way. It allows you to highlight the carefully curated pieces of furniture that you spent hours picking out.

And if it really isn’t working once all your pieces have arrived….it is just paint! It will only take a weekend to make a change!


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