The Bookless Library

This is by far one of my favorite rooms in our house.  Although our original intention was to make this room a library, this room came together organically with a series of pieces that were intended for other spaces but just didn’t work, were just too good of a deal to pass up, were gifts or hand me downs. Somehow, they all came together to make a classic looking space that is rich, yet comfortable and looks like we had intended this to be the use all along.



This photo was pulled from our real estate listing and is a bit blurry.  However, even if it were a sharper photo, the room doesn’t look any better. 

This room was originally the dining room and had 90’s green wall paper with flowers.  When we bought the home we took a very good look at the floors and I felt that through out the bulk of the home, I could work with the floors just the way they were. This saved us a lot of time and money. We kept the floors as is.

We removed the wall paper and the giant built in hutch ( and yes there is a fridge in there) and painted, changed the light fixture and moved the dining room to a larger area of our home.

We also switch out the window coverings and raised them almost to the ceiling.  The previous drapes were hung just above the window.  This home is blessed with very high ceilings and raising the height of the curtain rod elongated the room dramatically.  After adding some furniture it is hard to believe that this is even the same room…


It is worth considering the layout of your home.  Just because the previous owners used this as a dining room that doesn’t mean that it would work for us.  We like to entertain and we hope to host many large gatherings in the future.  We switched the formal living room and the formal dining room so that we could have a large table.  We already are using a fairly large room as a family room so we felt that this worked better for how we planned to use the space.

Enter a caption

We picked up this buffet at an estate sale and we are currently using it as a bar.  The large map was a gift that I got Adam about 6 years ago and the smaller print is something that we picked up at another estate sale.  It came in a set of 5.  The other 4 are showcased together. Don’t be afraid to separate a set. It actually bring consistency and fosters a cohesive look through your home.


You may notice some damage on the wall below the buffet.  We actually removed a VERY large cabinet and fridge from this area. We haven’t found matching trim to fix the wall yet. But most of the time you don’t notice because the buffet is completely in the way. This is likely something that we will fix over the summer.  but for now, I can live with the missing trim.


This is a piece that was always in my house growing up.  My mother had always tried to find little things to put in each slot, but I think this piece is beautiful on its own.

A sneak peek into the dining room from the Bookless Library. We have several sets of french doors in our home.  All had white sheers covering the windows – as seen in the “Before” photo.  I removed the sheers on all the doors on the main floor of our home for better visibility.

I am extremely happy with how this room has turned out.  I wouldn’t be me, if this and every room for that matter wasn’t constantly evolving but the over all feel is rich, comfortable and cozy.  The view out that back window is completely calming and I just love hang out in this room.





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