Tablescape Crush

In full wedding planning mode, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest last year drooling over unbelievably beautiful tablescapes that appeared to be very different in style from one another.

I tend to appreciate many different styles and the biggest wedding planning challenge, for me, was editing my ideas so that 1. I didn’t go broke planning a wedding that we couldn’t afford and 2. I wanted to ensure a cohesive look that appeared intentional and not scattered with 1000’s of ideas that didn’t all fit together. 

Truthfully, I needed an editor and the best thing I did was bring in TOAST events to help keep my scattered brain full of ideas in check and to help me cut unnecessary things when the budget started to get a little too high.

My appreciation of styles varies from rustic Italian,to light pink and spring like, to moody steakhouse, to dark New Orleans chic, to classic holiday, to bright and vibrant, to completely monochromatic and pretty much everything in between. Straight up, you canvince me to throw a party in any theme and I will find something that I like. 

That said, after countless hours of Pinterest “research”, I discovered that all the tables I love have a basic pattern that can be followed in any style.

  1. Long centerpieces that vary in height and texture
  2. Tapered Candles ( I have yet to meet a tapered candle I didn’t love)
  3. Beautiful glasswear – pattern or textured seemed to be my favourite
  4. Interest on the plates and silverware – maybe this is a draped napkin, or a something beautiful sitting on top of the plates, or the plates themselves but a hit of visual interest- I just love it when something catches my eye in this area.

Here are some tables that I am loving right now.

Photo: Style Me Pretty



Photo:Wedlux Magazine
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