I was recently approached by a younger friend who was feeling a bit overwhelmed.  She and I had similar schedules and responsibilities and she wanted to chat about how I managed it all and was hoping to get some advice.

The truth is, I am not able to manage it all, all by myself.  I have Adam who is an unbelievable help in many areas that I fall flat in. Gardening and yard work are just not my thing – but Adam loves to work outside, and Adam does most of the cooking because he really is an amazing cook.  But I think both of us would be way worse off if we hadn’t invested in some help with somethings that really were eating too much of our time.

This has done one very important thing for us. It bought Adam and I time. Time to play with our dog in the yard. Time to occasionally bake cookies, time to invite friends over and entertain more, time to get my nails done – which as you know always makes me feel put together- even when the rest of me is not. Hopefully more time to hit the gym – if you read yesterday than you know that we are still working on that.  Time for Adam to go golfing with some buddies in the summer. Time with each other. Time with our families. This time is worth much more than you think.

Managing a lot on your own is possible. Managing everything on your own is not. Do I feel guilty that we are spending money to pay for someone else to do things that I can do my self. Sometimes. But then again, I would probably feel guilty being inside vacuuming on a hot and sunny day and not living my life too. Find your balance.  Something has to give somewhere.

Most people who look like they are “doing it all” probably have way more help than you think!



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