Dinning in Style

You may remember that we made some changes to the original floor plan of our house and we switched the area designated for the dining room and created The Bookless Library instead. That left us with determining what space would be best for our dining area. The space we chose for the dining room was where the previous owners had placed formal living area.


This photo was taken from our real estate listing and I know it is a bit blurry but it is all I have in terms of before photos


We painted our the brick fire place trim white and chose an off white called Iced Milk ( from Benjamin Moore) to paint the entire room.  The dining table was found at Homesense and the castle like chairs were found at an estate sale. 10 chairs for only $100.00

This rooms may feel very formal in style, but I assure you that nothing in this room is too precious that we would be heartbroken if something was scratched or was accidentally damaged.  In fact, the chairs and couch have loads of scratches and life on the them already. The more scratches the better I say!

We didn’t break the bank on this room at all, so nothing is too expensive that it cannot be replaced.  This room is meant to be comfortable and lived in. It is supposed to create a mood of friendship and laughter and maybe a bit of overindulgence. In hopes that some great food and wine and memories will be shared in this room.  The room wouldn’t serve its purpose if you didn’t feel like you could be yourself and have fun… spilled milk (ok wine) and all.

We added a grandma pink sofa (that I found on kijiji) in the large rounded window at the end of the room.  This couch makes me want to lounge and eat truffles served to me on a silver platter.  I accented it with new cushions that were modern and neutral.  We have blankets on all of our couches for practicality sake.  Our dog likes to chew her bone on all the couches and we have trained her to only do it on top of a blanket. As usual, most surfaces are covered in tapered candles.  I am having a bit of a moment with bronzed candle sticks but I assure you that I don’t discriminate – I love them in all metals, woods and glass! 
To keep both the dining room and The Bookless Library feeling like the went together we chose vintage art with ornate frames for over the fireplace. 
Adam and I are in our early 30’s so we wanted the space to feel timeless but also have some hits of youth. We added this very pink and purple carpet that we found a Homesense to the mix.  We wanted to make sure that the room didn’t feel too stiff. This is also a relatively inexpensive carpet so if it get damaged – ok, it can be replaced – if I hate the pink in a few years – no problem – swap it out for something that I like better. 

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