Puppy Play Dates

Nothing is more invigorating than spending your days with two rambunctious puppies. Generally speaking Whisky is a very chill dog.  Except when we have company, k9 or otherwise.  That is when she really comes to life and gets particularly animated and perhaps a bit more excited than we would like. This past weekend, Whisky had a visitor for a couple days and couldn’t have been happier.

We have been working with her a lot over the past couple weeks trying to break a couple of bad habits that lets face it – we have allowed her to have – over the past couple of years.

Having a puppy around – even for just a few days- was a great reminder of how far she has already come and a great opportunity to help her get where we would like her to be. Having a puppy around for the weekend provided us an opportunity to do some training in a prolonged extra exciting environment for whisky.  It was a solid reminder to me that sometimes when you do someone a favor, they do you one right back with out even knowing it!

The more puppy play dates the better!


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