Baby Shower 

Last year, myself and a friend hosted our first baby shower . The Mother to Be choose a woodland animal theme and I was pretty excited to go with it.

We spent the bulk of the summer cleaning up some brush from our yard. Adam has a just piled up a ton of these sticks and I literally picked it out of the garbage and glued a couple owls to it with a hot glue gun. We added a little dollar store moss and it looked super cute.
I am obsessed with these super cute sugar cookies.  These were a splurge in the food department but they made the table extra adorable!
Since Adam and I had just moved in we only had a few rooms furnished at the time of the shower. In fact, most of our main floor was completely empty and being painted. I suspect this may be the last time our round table is a desert table
If you use a neutral base like this burlap colored table cloth, you can create any theme by incorporating themed food and some small decorations. Some moss that I usually use for Easter and a couple pine-cones that I normally use at Christmas gave the burlap a bit of a forest feel.
Ok, onesie stations aren’t new…. but they also can be intimidating when you have ZERO skills in the art department. The pressure to create something cute and creative can be a bit much for some. We decided to provide stencils and all out paint was in little spray bottles. LITERALLY NO TALENT REQUIRED to make these adorable onesies !

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