Creating Balance – Time Saving Tips

The Ultimate Challenge!

I am truly in awe of people that seem to have never ending energy and appear to never get overwhelmed by their extremely tight, highly demanding schedules. They somehow squeeze more into a day than I could ever dream of.  I am constantly surprised at their energy levels, given their “output” levels. I admire their ability!

That probably explains why I am extremely interested (as of late) in “time saving”, “life style” and “morning and evening routine” articles online.


Finding the energy to keep up with high level demands, maintain focus and some sanity when workload is what I consider to be on the side of overwhelming  – has been top of mind during a very busy couple of months.

Some Time Saving Tips that I am working on at the moment:

  1. Post – it Notes are the best invention of all time! Use them often – even if it is just to remind you what needs to completed next.
  2. Create a system and actually follow it religiously. Your system could be for filing at work, doing laundry at home, managing a personal event, whatever. Have a plan and stick to it!
  3. Having a morning and evening routine  – find one that works for you – and keep the same routine, even when you travel or go to bed late!  It is not optional!
  4. If affordable, sometimes it is worth paying someone to help you (or asking a friend of family member for help) – get a maid or someone to cut your lawn or shovel your driveway or walk your dog.  It’s not defeat – it is GLORIOUS to have some support even if it is just one small task!
  5. Outlook Calendar is an amazingly useful tool! Adam and I use the “meeting” and “invite attendee” option about 12 times a day to help schedule things like events we both have to attend, dinner with friends, doctors appointments and even smaller tasks like who is feeding the dog on an evening that one of us is working late. Oh and for work related tasks of course! Better yet –  have a “meeting” with your significant other to sort out your family life schedule for the next little while.
  6. There will always be something “To Do” – chose the two most difficult things on your list to complete and mark them as absolute priority for the day.  If you accomplish anything more than the 2 priorities outlined, you are having a very productive day. Go home feeling accomplished.
  7. Have a pen and paper ALWAYS. Even if you don’t ever reference what you have written down EVER, the practice of writing down information alone, makes it information easier to remember.
  8. Plan meals ( even when you don’t want to).  To be honest, Adam has been excellent at this and my execution has been a fail at best!
  9. Regular appointments, like your dentist, doctor etc. should be planned well in advance ie: book your next one while you are literally at the doctors office.  If you put them in your calendar months in advance you will by default plan around them and make it less likely that you will miss one and need to reschedule.  Same goes for hair cuts and other necessary appointments.
  10. Automate everything that you possibly can.  Use technology when you can to make life easier.  Yes, it will take time to set everything up but it will save you loads of time in the long run.




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