Decking the Halls

Halls and stairways are often forgotten areas that no one really has time for. I get it! Neither do I really.  However, our stairs and the halls are a mess and they totally date our home.  Since a complete refresh isn’t in the budget just yet.  Bathrooms take priority!  A small refresh is something that we can do now.  This will help us inch toward our final goal.

Last weekend we had the light fixture in our stairwell changed.  As usual, I bought this fixture on kijiji for about $60.00.  It is a 4 foot fixture with 12 lights.  The person I bought it from said that they spent over $1,200.00 when they originally purchased it. She tried selling the fixture at a higher price point for months before giving up and posting for about $100.00 when finally I contacted her with my low ball bid and she accepted.

I have spoken about us changing fixtures on our own before.  This is an awkwardly large fixture, that was being installed 10 feet in the air. We of course paid a professional the $ 225.00 to have it installed for us. Even with the added cost of having it installed, I still feel like this was a steal.

When you don’t have a lot of money to invest in a space – try buying fewer items and go bold.


If this seems significantly larger than the fixture below, that is because it is! Adding a larger fixture here distracts from 1. the ugly carpeted stairs that I hate and 2. we have no art on the largest wall in this room yet.  



This light fixture just seemed too small and dated for the space.  Although its not the worst fixture in the world, I also didn’t love it. Now I love what we have!   

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