Fathers Day 

Happy Father’s Day To all the Dad’s out there especially mine! The older I get the more greatful I am to my Dad for everything that he taught me. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, he instilled so many parctal skills that I actually still use today. 

So thanks dad for teaching me that binders that are properly divided will keep you desk and mind clutter free. 

That your good ideas are taken more searously when present well. This also applies to food, food is more appatizing when presented well. 

Thank you for teaching me that fixing broken things around the house yourself will always save you money, and most small tasks involve at least 1 trip to the Hardwear store and take twice as long as you think so don’t get fustrated when they do. 

Thanks for teaching me to save money and invest! Thanks for teaching me how to do my own taxes! 

And to know when a job is outside of your skill set, it ok to call in a little extra help! 

For teaching me how to walk away for a negotiation when you aren’t comfortable with the terms because there will always be another car, another house or another job.

Thanks for teaching me that opportunity is usually disguised as hard work but once accomplished it’s always best to celebrate with a good meal, a glass of good wine and with the people you love. 
Happy Father’s Day Dad


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